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To be the most successful person that one can possibly be, getting organized seems to be the first step.  With iExplorer, taking that step just gets easier by the minute.


iExplorer (HD) is an application that allows a user to basically view and manage files on their servers.  This is not just on the iphone, but in the office, at home and virtually anywhere possible!  The app does not just simply manage files though, because the user can play music, read books and do a whole lot more.

An easy and beautiful way to keep track of your finances

San Jose, California - Tekton Technologies today is pleased to announce the enhanced version and immediate availability of their flagship app on the App store, "Easy Spending Expense Tracker 2.4", their comprehensive and easy-to-use money tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It comes with a beautiful and clutter free user interface.

Based on tremendous positive reviews, with Many Five Star ratings and Feedback from our user base of 500,000 and counting, we have added these great new features and still more awesome features on the way:

* Account Transfer
* Pie chart break up of categories, on a month, year, week or day.

Cool Features:
* Bill Reminders
* Multiple Account Summary in a single screen

Preview of MoneyWiz for Mac

Preview of MoneyWiz for Mac

Almost an year ago we released the first version of MoneyWiz for iPad. It immediately attracted people's attention, as a really different kind of personal finance software. We originally didn't plan to make an iPhone and a Mac versions so fast, but the success of the iPad version convinced us otherwise. So, in another 4 months we've managed to create MoneyWiz for iPhone that works beautifully with its iPad brother. It was time to start the Mac version.

MoneyWiz for iPad - Retina ready!

MoneyWiz for iPad - Retina ready!

SilverWiz Ltd. is excited to announce today, that their personal finance software MoneyWiz for iPad is already optimised with artwork for the new Retina display. The retina artwork will be submitted via an update tomorrow, and is expected to hit the AppStore before the new iPad starts shipping.

"We've started redrawing all our artwork to make it twice as big, 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow - we'll release it for approval." said Iliya Yordanov, managing director of SilverWiz.

The new artwork will make MoneyWiz 8 MB bigger, totalling almost 19 MB.

So how does it work from developer's perspective?

LogicInMind Upgrades Slideshow Remote With PowerPoint and Keynote Viewer

LogicInMind Upgrades Slideshow Remote With PowerPoint and Keynote Viewer

Professionals now have access to the most advanced PowerPoint and Keynote presentation tool for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

(PRWEB) February 27, 2012 — LogicInMind has extended the Slideshow Remote™ 2.8 features with a PowerPoint and Keynote viewer, along with easy document sharing via iTunes for Mac and Windows. This release offers professionals two innovative tools gathered in one single application: a remote control for Windows PowerPoint and a mobile PowerPoint and Keynote viewer.


MoneyWiz for iPad update brings zen design into personal finance

MoneyWiz for iPad update brings zen design into personal finance


SilverWiz is proud to announce the release of the greatest update so far for their personal finance assistant app for iPhone and iPad. 

MoneyWiz 1.3 brings over 50 new features. The most notable of them being:


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Debty 1.6 to Help You Get Money You Loaned Out Returned

Debty 1.6 to Help You Get Money You Loaned Out Returned

KIEV, Ukraine – Dec. 6, 2011 - Alterplay today announced that Debty 1.6, its app for keeping track of lent or borrowed money, is now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. With Debty, you just enter the money you lend or borrow to and from friends, set the day it is due back and the app will remind you of the debt.




A delightful holiday scene and 16 beautifully recorded Jazz Christmas favorites, on sale this week for only $1.99. Cherry Lane Music Company, a leader in music instruction, and G-Men Productions are pleased to announce the release of their iPad app, "Christmas Favorites for Solo Jazz Guitar."  Using high-quality audio and animation, it teaches you to play 16 classic Christmas guitar tunes in the jazz style.


SALE! From Nov,30 to Jan,7 60% discount for the ChebyshevTrendPro app & 50% discount for other apps & Supersignal in-app purchase!

ChebyshevTrendPro gives you the real, underlying trends of all the stocks showing in Yahoo Finance. Save stock symbols in groups, adjust trend dates, get buy and sell signals, compare with other indicators and more. Everything you need to keep an eye on your portfolio is here.

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