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Beats to Help Apple Beat Cable Companies into Submission?


At iPhone Life, and around the web, there has been a groundswell of articles in favor of Apple's purchase of Beats. The longer it takes for Dr. Dre to officially become the first billionaire rapper, the more analysts have time to digest the rumor. At first, many observers were confused, but not the iPhone Life team. Now comes word from Steve Jobs' official biographer, Walt Isaacson, that lends credence to the rumored decision.

More Than Music

More Than Music

Dependency (www.dependencysoftware.com) have just released More Than Music - the media player specifically designed for language students.

It gives you more control over the playback of audio, video and images (slideshows).

You still copy your audio and video to your phone using iTunes, just like you always did. But now you can playback your audio and video slower for easier comprehension, or faster to push yourself a bit.

Or backup and replay the last 10 seconds again with a simple swipe of your thumb.

Make playlists of videos as well as audio, and play them in order or shuffled whenever you want.

Playback can be controlled by buttons or a few simple gestures so you can do it all one handed while you take notes with the other.

Apple Set to Keep Your Heads Ringing with Acquisition of Beats Electronics


At this very moment Apple is rumored to be involved in active talks to buy Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics. At over 3 billion dollars, this would be Apple’s biggest acquisition ever, far surpassing the $429 million Apple spent in 1996 to buy NeXT, its largest purchase to date.

Skullcandy's Crusher Over-Ear Headphones: Guaranteed to Rattle Your Bones [Review]


If you're a music lover or an iOS gamer, you already get this, but it's hard to appreciate the full scope and flavor of our media when relying solely on our iOS device's speakers. Even if the extent of your media consumption on your iPhone or iPad (or laptop or desktop) doesn't stray beyond watching movies and videos, you'll have to admit, the in-built speakers these gadgets come with don't necessarily broadcast the most stellar audio. For crystal clear, pristine sound reproduction we have to look to the world of headphones and external speakers. With that in mind I'm always on the lookout for great headphones and speakers to share with iPhone Lifers. This week we'll be taking a look at Skullcandy’s Crusher over-ear headphones ($99.99).

Microlab Announces Ultimate HD Audio Gift for Father’s Day Man Caves – FC60BT

Microlab Announces Ultimate HD Audio Gift for Father’s Day Man Caves – FC60BT

Agency Contact: Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani
Thomas PR (631) 549-7575 kthomas@thomaspr.com eyutani@thomaspr.com www.thomas-pr.com
FC60BT Photo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/microlabfc60btphoto.html
FC60BT Photo2: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/microlabfc60btphoto2.html
FC60BT Remote: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/microlabfc60btremote.html
FC60BT Speakers: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/microlabfc60btspeakers.html
Microlab Logo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/microlablogo.html



- Microlab Patented HC2D Technology (High Clarity Close Distance) for Crystal Clear Music

Game Centered: Featuring 3 Hot New Titles To Get Your Blood Pumping!


Game Centered features roundups and in-depth reviews of the best in iOS games and related gaming news. Among the App Store’s myriad games, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the greats. Each installment of Game Centered will take a closer look at a select few worthy of special recognition. This week we'll take a look at some of the newest fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action games to hit the Apple App Store.

BooDooArt – date while painting

BooDooArt – date while painting

BooDooArt - is an iPad app for one-to-one painting and a social network for creative people.
First it’s an app for communication between beloved persons or relatives when the distance put obstacles in the way of usual conversation. Invite your friend to BooDooArt and communicate in a new way: add more colors to your talk. There is a usual text chat, but you can answer drawing on an endless sheet of paper.

Gear Review: Get Your Entertainment System Under Control with Blumoo!


If you have an entertainment center, then likely you have a TV, Blu-ray player, stereo receiver, CD, DVR, and so forth. You probably also have a big old pile of remote controls to go with all that gear! If you want to tame that unruly mob of of gadgets, get a Blumoo ($89.99), and make that boatload of remotes disappear for good! This was one of several CES gadgets that I have been eagerly awaiting to come to market.

New Pinnacle Studio™ for iPhone Delivers Full, Creative Video Editing Power

New Pinnacle Studio™ for iPhone Delivers Full, Creative Video Editing Power

Offering unprecedented creativity and control, all-new iPhone app provides a complete movie-making experience; Also released, Pinnacle Studio™ for iPad update, rebuilt for iOS 7 & offering new feature enhancements

April 16, 2014 – Ottawa, ON – The Pinnacle team today debuts a new app in its Pinnacle Studio™ product family. Now available on the Apple App Store, the new Pinnacle Studio™ for iPhone is ideal for anyone looking for true, creative movie-making power on their iPhone. Take advantage of an iPhone app that delivers the precision of a full Timeline to edit video, audio and photos on the go. Add transitions, speed and montage effects, create custom titles and build soundtracks – all from your iPhone.

In bed with Jack the Ripper: Mobile app "Dark Dreams" creates eerily beautiful dream worlds

In bed with Jack the Ripper: Mobile app

Sound Apps for falling asleep are enjoying great popularity. But not everyone can be pleased with the usual sounds of rain, wind chimes or ambient music. With the arrival of "Dark Dreams Time Machine" a unparalleled mobile sleep aid with an entirely new approach is born.

Developed by Maindreieck eCom and Bannkraft Media Dark Dreams Time Machine turns your smart phone into a time machine that beams you randomly to historical and fictional destinations and scenes.

In this way, the dream traveler lands on Dracula's castle in Transylvania, sneaks through the Victorian London with Jack the Ripper or explores a pharaoh´s grave chamber as a living grave good.

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