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SG Project Pro for iPad Review


Given the broad number of Office-related productivity applications available on the iPad, especially those focused on time management, it's about time that a professional-grade project management application has been released. Developed by FourthFrame Technologies, SG Project Pro has delivered an application that will make iPad-owning project managers very happy.

App Marketing Secrets: Strategies That Work

Overcoming real-life marketing challenges

We examined marketing strategies that proved to be unsuccessful for app developers and their products in the Summer 2010 issue (iphonelife.com/issues/2010Summer/Thumbs/iPhoneAppMarketingSecrets). However, positive marketing strategies are much more crucial if you want your app to stand out in the vast ocean of titles in the App Store. For this article, I asked some of the top selling app developers about the biggest marketing obstacles they faced and how they overcame them. Here's what they had to say.


Can your iPhone Run a Database App?

FileMaker Go makes it possible

It was 1982 when dBASE first appeared in computer stores. At the time, I was pretty busy with FireFile, which later went on to become LapLink when the term “laptop” was eventually coined. dBASE was a simple data management tool for personal computers, but it included a scripting language that made it possible to build some relatively complex and comprehensive applications.

A key advantage to dBASE was its “late binding” architecture. This simply means that the scripts are interpreted when the user actually runs the application. These interpretive database apps require a “run-time” core and the scripts that form the basis of the application.


Enterprise Mobility Overhaul: Lessons Learned

MobilityTableIn life, a second chance is rare. In the mobile space, it's becoming the norm. The reason for this is the pace of technological evolution. Emerging technologies produce gains in productivity that make existing systems obsolete. As a consequence, the life cycle of systems is decreasing rapidly. In fact, over the last four years my team has completely overhauled our mobility infrastructure, twice.

A decoupled mobile architecture where each component is independent

The first time, four years ago, was due to obsolescence.


The Inevitability of the iPhone in the Enterprise

Welcoming Change While Protecting the Enterprise

PicturingInfrastructureThe information technology field in an enterprise means constant change. It means that new gadgets come and go on an almost annual basis and that we frequently have to look at industry-wide changes. Many IT departments are built around the idea that a solid command and control structure can keep users from harming their devices and therefore keep support costs down.

Picturing the infrastructure

The iPhone is cool. Apple has spent a lot of time developing a device that is both a feature-rich platform and simple to use.


Your Pocket Sales Coach

Apps that turn the iPhone into a powerful, personal, real-time sales coach

Sales fuel every aspect of business. Whether you're selling a product to a client, selling a solution in customer support, or selling yourself to get a job… everybody sells. There are tons of books, tapes, and sales aids to help you with this. But one of the most important tools is only now coming to light.

The iPhone is the ideal platform for eBooks, audios, and other sales aids. It's always available before a sales call, while you're exercising, or when you're preparing for a meeting. The impact of having a 24/7 sales coach in your pocket is huge!


Using the iPad to Sell Iron

Apple’s new iPad has technology-lovers buzzing—
but salespeople should also take heed

Any sales team knows that efficiency and effectiveness are keys to optimizing sales. Jason Faulkner, U.S. sales manager for Degelman Industries, says that Apple's new iPad has helped him greatly in advancing his iron-selling process.

Filling the gap between the laptop and smartphone, both in size and capabilities, the iPad is forging a new path not only in the world of technology but in the business realm as well.

Cleaning up sales pitches

Faulkner purchased his iPad in early April of last year and began integrating it into his sales pitches immediately. One of the first things he did was transfer all of his product and business literature to the mobile device.


Barcode Scanners

Apps and accessories that turn your iPhone into a portable scanner

There are many different ways that today's hottest consumer technology can be used for business applications. While most organizations that use handheld barcode scanning technology still utilize ruggedized industrial-strength devices from companies like Motorola or Intermec, there is a growing trend toward using off-the-shelf consumer technology as a replacement for these often extremely expensive devices.

For example, in late 2009, Apple replaced their Windows Mobile-powered devices from Symbol/Motorola with iPod touch devices and a Linea Pro sleeve.


Raph's test press release

My Press release test - Raphael

Last #CES post--I promise--Absolute Software at Piero's!


During CES there are several venues that showcase vendor products. Seeing eveything in a couple of days is simply not possible, so often the best products are found by going to the side events. Lunch at Piero's is one of those events (free lunch and cool gadgets...who could want more?). At Piero's, the rep from Absolute Software gave me a convincing demo on how their software can help manage a fleet of iOS devices in your business, or simply protect the data on your own personal laptop.

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