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Fill Out Forms On Your iPad




Imagine you have a form or a contract that you would like to fill out in real time on your iPad. What do you do? I'll tell you what, download Sign My Pad ($3.99) onto your iPad right now! It is developed by Autriv.com

This app will take any pdf and allow you to mark it up in ways that no other annotator will. You can actually fill out forms, check boxes, fill in dates, and add initials or signatures.

Amazon scores with new app Windowshop but faces ire of Kindle fans


I’m a big fan of Amazon. Actually bought 1000% more ebooks from the Kindle store compared to the anaemic  shelves of the Ibook store. Price-wise, Amazon has consistently been cheaper than all the other major e-book retailers.

PDF Reader News & Updates


This is an update to my previous all-in-one PDF iPhone / iPad reader roundup published HERE.

I haven't elaborated on some subjects in the original article. Let's take a closer look at them.

1.) JPEG2000 images embedded in PDF files with aren't supported – they simply aren't shown.

To quickly fix this issue, before transferring the file to your iOS device, just open it in OS X's Preview and select File / Save As.

An example of this showing the page of Building iPhone OS Accessories Devices by Apress with the missing images (click the images for the full-sized version of much better quality):

Do not fret, theres ThomasNet.





            Have you ever wondered where you could take to figure out what news is going on in the industrial world?  Ever wanted to keep up with the latest industrials news to see how it was going to impact you?  Look no further than the ThomasNet.com.  Thomasnet.com as an application in the app store that is most worth checking out.  The Thomasnet application is completely free from the apple store, and provides up to date news stories and information useful to anyone. 

The Big App Show takes Adam Curry from VeeJay to AppJay


Imagine my surprise to get an email from Adam Curry, the guy I watched in the '80s introducing music videos to the world via the just-launched MTV channel.  Over the years, Adam has embraced change, becoming one of the first celebrities to launch a website and a podcast.  More recently, Curry launched The Big App Show, a free app that highlights one app a day.  Originally, The Big App Show was strictly for the iPhone but he has just added Android apps.  Adam demos the apps in a unique way, by superimposing himself, green screen style, over the live screencast, in portrait mode, suitable for viewing directly on the iPhone.


Best Apps (and a few Accessories) for Business Travelers


In today's world, business travel is a necessity. Whether you are on a big expense account going to Hawaii or a small per diem going to Poughkeepsie, iPhone apps and accessories can help take the pain out of travel. The following are some of the best apps and accessories available in terms of value, features, and reviews.

Before you leave:

There are a number of things you need to do before you travel, and there are plenty of apps to help you.


Top 3 Business Card Scanning Apps

Best in their class, these iPhone card scanners give you the most bang for your buck!

Business Card Reader

$5.99, app2.me/2620


Best iPad PDF Readers

A feature comparison of the top 5 PDF readers

The iPad, with its gorgeous IPS screen, is particularly well suited for eBook reading. No wonder there are a lot of excellent PDF readers and even some annotator apps available for the platform. In this article, I look at the five top PDF readers and compare important features.


Top Three Multi-Purpose Scanner Apps

Apparently, developers have finally recognized the need for a utility that lets users scan images and documents on the go. The number of scanning apps has increased dramatically in the last six months to a year. Predictably, the performance of a scanner app is affected by several different environment variables, including lighting, amount of text you're scanning, whether it's handwritten or printed text, and how still you can hold the camera when you take the picture. Still, these apps add a needed feature to the iPhone. Here are three of the best.

Scanner Pro

$6.99, app2.me/2948


The 5 Best Apps for Business

These apps have the greatest potential to improve your business!

Apple has achieved 80 percent penetration of the FORTUNE 100 and has demonstrated that the iPhone can provide powerful capabilities to business. And as the iPad continues to gain momentum in the marketplace, it is being embraced faster and even more openly than the iPhone has been.

This collection of the best five business solutions highlights the apps that have demonstrated a strong capability to extend business information, data, and systems to information workers wherever they might be. As small businesses and larger enterprises continue to embrace the iOS platform, this application segment will continue its explosive growth and deliver even more powerful solutions to the mobile worker.


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