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Review: The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories - Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media


I feel like I should begin this review with a rhyme, but alas I have nothing so some other time.  Anyway, I typically don’t stray far from games when it comes to writing reviews, because that’s what I have the most experience with.  However, when I was presented with the opportunity to review this particular omBook from Oceanhouse Media I was intrigued enough to give it a try.  I’m glad I did.  The Bippolo Seed and other Lost Tales is not only an entertaining read (or listen, depending on tastes), but it’s actually given me a reason to sit down and spend “iPad time” with my son, whereas usually my endeavors into the iOS world are a solo effort.

Word of Promise Brings the Bible Alive


As a child I was raised to believe in God and go to church.  However when my parents were divorced I was left to continue my journey alone.  As a teenager I took the wrong path, and left the church.  It wasn’t until my 6 year old daughter brought me back to the church that I renewed my faith in God through the Holy Spirit, and  I vowed not to stray again.  Ever since that day I have been looking for a way to make it fun for my children to learn the bible and hear the word of God.

What I read this week - Great FREE reads available on iBooks!



First want to wish all of our readers a wonderful holiday and a safe and prosperous new year! For this installment of "What I ...." (yes, usually "played") instead of recent games I played, am instead focusing on some recent great reads I have found (via iBooks): Spinward Fringe, Turing Evolved, and Peace Warrior. All are excellent military sci-fi reads and free, so if SF is your thing then go grab them while they remain available gratis. If you like them as much as I did, then don't hesitate in supporting the authors, and buying the sequels or other works...

Bestselling iPad author publishes free guide to iOS5 for the iPad

Bestselling iPad author publishes free guide to iOS5 for the iPad

Sean McManus, author of the bestselling book 'iPad for the Older and Wiser', has published a free 47-page guide to iOS5 for the iPad. It explains how to upgrade your iPad to iOS5 (if necessary) and details the great new features iOS5 brings, including iCloud for backup and synchronisation, iMessages for keeping in touch with friends, photo editing, a built-in to-do list in the new Reminders app, the Notification Centre, tab-based browsing, new gestures and more.

My study aid of Word War II

Liquid h2o are not able to exist on the surface area of Mars due to low
atmospheric pressure, besides at the lowest elevations for small intervals. The two roman policier ice caps appear to be produced mostly of drinking water.
The quantity of water ice in the south polar ice cap, if melted, would be
sufficient to cover the complete planetary surface to a depth of 11
meters. A permafrost mantle stretches from the pole to latitudes of about 60°.

XIMAD gives Christmas Presents!

XIMAD gives Christmas Presents!

XIMAD gives Christmas Presents!

San Francisco, CA - XIMAD is pleased to congratulate everybody with the upcoming Holidays and give some Christmas presents. For only a ten day period, from December 8 through December 18 every customer   who will download Twas The Night Before Christmas and The Twelve Days of Christmas and share his or her reading experience on iTunes  will get the opportunity to win iTunes Gift card.

Squeaky Oak Releases "The Tale of Tom Kitten" Animated iPad & iPhone Storybook App

Squeaky Oak Releases

Saint Petersburg – Dec. 7, 2011– Squeaky Oak, an interactive children’s book publisher, today announces the release of an animated iPad and iPhone storybook app, "The Tale of Tom Kitten".

Review: The Gwaii - 3D Comic Book by Mobad Games


I’ve primarily stuck to reviews of games in the past, because that’s mostly what I do with my iPod Touch.  However, I have been a comic book fan for a long time, and when I got the chance to review this cool looking “3D” comic book, I jumped on it.  To its credit, the book is pretty cool.  However, I think the 3D aspect of it is more gimmicky than practical or useful.  Still, to get an 84 page full color graphic novel for under $6 these days is a pretty good deal, and having it narrated thanks to its electronic format is a cool bonus.  If you’re really hoping for some slam-bang 3D effects you’re not going to be so impressed, but if you just want a decent story, slick 2D illustrations, and good voice work (at your discretion), The Gwaii is a solid choice for you.

The Little Wolf Who Swam Out to Sea

The Little Wolf Who Swam Out to Sea

1.    Description for iStore:


Have you heard ever that the pup can swim into the sea, there to play with his friends? However he, like you do not know about the terrible sea Monster and on treacherous Sawfish. But very quickly he will learn about it, because it gets to a real whirlwind of amazing underwater adventures ...


2.    Description for publishers:


Little wolf is an interactive child’s book for iPad/iPad2 based on famous Ukrainian book license. Similar analogies (Disney’s books for iPad).


·         Application based on book:

The most mysterious night of the year is coming! Get a new book The Little Engine That Could Throws a Halloween Jamboree by XiMAD to feel the Halloween mood!!

The most mysterious night of the year is coming! Get a new book The Little Engine That Could Throws a Halloween Jamboree  by XiMAD to feel the Halloween mood!!

An old Halloween’s tradition with stories is passed on in a circle around campfires or when a parent reads to a child. In the new millenniumof new information technologies we have an excellent opportunity to do our reading more entertaining and awe-inspiring. Meet the new bookThe Little Engine That Could Throws a Halloween Jamboree!lovingly createdby XiMAD for children and their parents.


The Little Engine That Could Throws a Halloween Jamboree!is a new version of well-loved classic and  one more great tale of motivation and the power of positive thinking. This greatbook can beused to teach children the value of optimism and hard work. 


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