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Live Photo Journal: Apple's iPad mini event...


Welcome to our live blog photo album of today's Apple event in San Jose, California.
Let the pictures tell the story...
And as the event is underway, what better way to start, than with a video of a what iPhone5parts says is an actual prototype iPad mini being examined and turned on!
If you can't see the video, click HERE!

Buy 6 great eBooks at any price you can afford!


Where are you going to find 8 great Sci-Fi reads for $12.50...or potentially even less? Not iTunes, I assure you. What if you wanted 6 of these great reads for just $1 (yes, for all 6 of them), because maybe you are a little short on cash this month, and gotta have your SF fix (who doesn't)? That will work too. The Humble eBook Bundle is letting you set your price for the next 10 days on 6 magnificent ebook reads (available in multiple reader formats including iOS-capable ePub). That's not all, you can even adjust who gets what percentage of your contribution (Author, Charity, or Tip). Works include titles from Cory Doctorow (one of my favs), Mercedes Lackey, and John Scalzi among other SF masters. The project has garnered 40K+ purchases, with an average purchase price of $12.50, for which you can currently snag the full 8-book bundle. If you want to take a bigger discount, you get to select 6--Old Man's War from Scalzi, and Signal to Noise are bonus selections for meeting the average. Enough confusing babble from me... Go grab them there eBooks or learn more about this amazing deal at the link provided above before it expires!

Oceanhouse Media Unveils “Record And Share” Feature in Dr. Seuss Digital Books

Oceanhouse Media Unveils “Record And Share” Feature in Dr. Seuss Digital Books

Record your own reading of classic stories such as The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham; then share the recording with family, friends and teachers

Joy Tales for iPad


Joy tales is aimed for readers aged 2 to 6 years old and tries to both improve their reading skills throughout these years as well as help them through separate stages in their lives. The tales are even available in different languages, so there is also the potential to learn the foundations of another language. However you choose to best utilise Joy Tales, the app contains 12 bed time stories for both you and your child to enjoy together; with interactive features and fun illustrations, both you and your child are sure to enjoy Joy Tales.

Ancient Maya and Their 2012 Predictions Given New Life in iPad Book

Ancient Maya and Their 2012 Predictions Given New Life in iPad Book

DALLAS –After six months of production and more than four years of scholarly study, Dallas’ Claxton Creative, LLC and San Diego’s Dr. Mark Van Stone edition of 2012: Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya now is available on the iBookstore in 32 countries worldwide – just in time to answer one of the most pressing questions of the year: “What did the Maya predict would happen on Dec.

[Review] Incase continues their tradition of great quality products with the Compact Backpack.




Welcome to the latest in my review series. This time I’m taking on the new Incase Compact Backpack, putting it through my rugged testing and reporting back to you on my findings.


I really like the company Incase, I've reviewed their products in the past and have felt like they always make quality merchandise. So I was looking forward to trying out the latest Incase iDevice carrier, simply called the Compact Backpack.



This backpack definitely leans more towards the urban adventurer than the wilderness explorer (I'll also be reviewing some of the better rugged, heavier duty iDevice carrier bags too in the coming weeks so stay tuned.) but for the price and for the quality of craftsmanship for the student, business person or teacher to whom it's targeted, this pack is hard to beat!

[REVIEW] Kindle for iPad


Ah... Now that university exams are over I can resume my blogging. For those that want to know... Yes, I did quite well on the three exams I wrote - all "A"s and two IT certifications achieved (CompTIA A+ & CIW Web Foundations Associate) out of 18 that I have to complete for my Bachelor of Information Technology (Software) degree program at Western Governors University.


Through The Elm to The Big Apple


Date: 08/14/2012

Contact: Raheem Nelson, (203) 584-3824, rasungod1@gmail.com

Through The Elm to The Big Apple: iPad Paintings by Raheem Nelson 

New Haven, Connecticut –Announcing Illustrator, Raheem Nelson's second iPad Art Book, "Through The Elm To The Big Apple." This is an illustrated look at New Haven and New York City through his eyes. The entire book consists of digital paintings that look traditional. It will be available through iBooks on August 31st. A print version is also available now on Lulu.com.

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