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Some Whistle Change



If you are a registered Whistle user like myself, thn you probably already received this email that they are limiting the calls to 20 minutes in length for the free users. After that, there is a small per minute fee. This does not affect me at all, as I do not use it for that long, at least right now anyway.

If you are not a Whistle user, I suggest trying this app out.

DIY micro SIM


You know someone at iPhone Life had try making their own micro SIM card so I took the plunge and decided to sacrifice a T-Mobile card I had to give it a try in my iPad 3G.  You can certainly do this with the iPhone, but you’re going to have to jailbreak and unlock it if you want to use a carrier other than AT&T.  The iPad 3G comes unlocked, except in Japan.

Call anyone in the US from anywhere in the world absolutely FREE on your iPad



Do you Whistle (free)?  I guess I'm still a bit tongue tied with my latest VoiP app for the iPad, yes you're hearing me right a VoiP phone for the iPad (and other devices too).

 The WhistlePhone Service is interesting for a number of reasons; 1) it designed an app for the iPad, 2) it utilizes an add you have to listen to before each call to make your voip call free in the US, or from anywhere else to the US.

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