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Enhance Your Relationship with Syncrohearts Love Game


If you're eager to enhance your loving relationship this Valentine's Day, try the Syncrohearts Love Game ($0.99). It's billed as a game — and it does have gaming aspects, including accumulating points — but its purpose is to help build your relationship in a variety of ways.

Husband’s Love Game App Helps Couples Enjoy a “Happy Valentines” All Year Long

Husband’s Love Game App Helps Couples Enjoy a “Happy Valentines” All Year Long

Bobby O’Neal (aka. Dr Love) from Mission, BC, Canada has developed a love game app that is sure to spice up Valentine’s Day for couples worldwide. O’Neal has a reputation for creating fun relationship enhancing love products. He is the inventor of the award winning Syncrohearts Relationship board game that he created several years ago to help save his own marriage. “My wife and I were slowly drifting apart as a result of our busy lifestyle and a lack of communication in our marriage”, admitted O’Neal. Rather than giving up on his marriage, O’Neal took charge and designed a relationship board game that included some key elements for strengthening relationships.

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The owner, Bobby O'Neal (aka. Dr. Love) is a natural expert on love and relationships and the creator of the successful relationship game called Syncrohearts. He was inspired to create this game to help enhance his own marriage and now his “love game” is enhancing relationships around the world. The Syncrohearts Love Game app is now available on iTunes.

Dr. Love recently won the 2011 Best Idea for Humanity Contest. Their love business supports the Zajac Ranch for kids with special needs.   



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