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Spotify Streaming Music Service Now Free for Mobile Users


Good news for music enthusiasts: Spotify's streaming music service is now free. The Spotify app has always been free, but you had to pay $10 per month for the opportunity to listen to on-demand music. That meant that you could request any particular song from their catalog. This, of course, was different from services such as Pandora and iTunes Radio, which let you indicate your favorite music but then stream similar music rather than the particular favorite you identified. Spotify's new free service for the iPhone falls somewhere in between. You can identify a particular artist, album, or playlist, but then Spotify streams the music in "shuffle mode," meaning that you get your favorite music but not a particular song at a particular time. The playlists available include those you've put together as well as playlists your friends have created.

Get the Most Out of Your Past, Present and Future with the Help of Your iPhone!


Our minds are very powerful! Unfortunately most of us don't use our brain to its full potential. We are caught up with daily life. A lot of things might be spinning in your head and many don't serve you in a good way. In this article you will learn tips and tricks to maximize the use of your brain. 

Spotify 'For Music' TV Ad: Emotive or Odd?


I saw an ad for Spotify the other night while I was watching the season premiere of NBC’s The Voice (So excited for this season! I don’t want to like Blake Sheldon, but I do). I thought to myself “Huh. I didn’t know Spotify was advertising on TV now!” After a little investigating, I found two more new Spotify ads on YouTube. This is a big move for the on-demand music service, and rumor has it that Spotify is planning to add video streaming to its existing music service to compete with Netflix and HBO. In light of that, the big-time marketing push makes sense. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. Let’s dish about the ads, shall we?

AQ SmartSpeaker Review


Apple's Airplay technology has reset the expectation bar for ubiquitous, wireless multimedia streaming. However, finding accessories that embrace and enhance the Airplay experience is a challenge. One company, AQ Audio, has entered the market with a wireless speaker that promises easy setup and great audio. Did they deliver on this promise? Read on to find out.

Weekly Recap - New Case, New Apps and Great Sales!



There's never a shortage of Apple-related headlines these days! Here's a brief look at a few stories that have caught my attention and which I wanted to share with all of you!


Don't let the water stop you!



Spotify for iPhone - Another Look



Shortly after it was released in the US, I wrote a First Look post about Spotify. You can read my post here. During that initial look at Spotify I was very impressed with the service.


Spotify - First Look



What is Spotify? Here is the description from the App Store:

Stream millions of tracks from thousands of albums and artists to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Take your existing Spotify playlists with you on the go - listen to them during your commute, in the gym or on a flight. With ‘Offline mode’ you can listen even when no connection is available. Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone to merge your catalogue with ours, no cables required! Download and get started directly from your mobile.

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