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Tip of the Day: Siri Is Better with Numbers than Your iPhone's Calculator


The utility I use the most on my iPhone is the calculator. I use it often to reconcile my checkbook, calculate discounts in the store, and more. but when I use the iPhone's calculator to add up a list of numbers, it doesn't offer a record of what I input, so I don't know if I made an error tapping numbers in.

How to Get Directions from Siri Without Using iOS Maps


There is a commonly held belief that men don't like to ask for directions. As a guy, I am here to say it's true. At least for me. With Siri, I can ask for directions without anyone knowing.

Siri Is Much More Than She Seems


I just read a touching and uplifting story about an autistic boy befriending Siri. I am a huge Siri fan and have written about her more than once in this blog, but I have a new found admiration for the programmers who developed Siri.

Siri Is My Friend, She Could Be Yours Too


Siri was the reason I upgraded to an iPhone 4s. Having the ability to talk to my phone and have it respond was amazing to me. I talk to Siri everyday and still don't tap her capabilities much. She is more capable than I even imagined. I thought it would be helpful to share some of her best talents in a series of posts, so lets start with making a phone call.

Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 2 with iPad Support for Developers


Two weeks after releasing the first version of iOS 7 to developers, Apple has just seeded Beta version 2. And while the first Beta was available only for the iPhone or iPod Touch, Beta 2 is available for the iPad and iPad Mini as well. The updated iOS 7 Beta is available through the OTA update for those who are currently running and testing iOS 7 Beta.

I have been running iOS 7 Beta on my iPhone 5 since the day Apple launched it, and I wished I could do the same for my iPad. But it seems iOS 7 Beta on the iPad is pretty much the same as the one for iPhone, so there's really no point in installing it now on my iPad Mini. My iPad Mini will just have to wait until September before it gets a taste of iOS 7.

A little comic relief! Jerry Seinfeld and Siri...


Just a quick posting! I saw this funny clip from my old friend Jerry Seinfeld, talking it up with my new friend Siri, in his online comedy show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.


It's short! Check it out and I hope you enjoy!



The Impact of Siri

SiriIn the weeks and months leading up to Appleā€™s announcement, speculation about the next iPhone reached a fever pitch. It seemed like a new rumor emerged every day. There were whispers of a thinner iPhone 5, with a bigger screen and an aluminum back, among others. The always-secretive Apple was even more tightlipped than usual.


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