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Custom 3D printed cases from Sculpteo meets the need for a speedy new case

Whenever Apple introduces a new device, with a new form factor, it's a struggle for case makers to retool their manufacturing line and deliver products in a timely manner. Apple's notorious secrecy doesn't help, and the fact that early adopters, like myself, don't want to wait a long time compounds the issue.

The future of printing is 3D according to Sculpteo

Forget 3D movies and television, the real future is 3D printing! It's not cheap, yet, but the folks at Sculpteo are trying to pioneer a new way to create truly personalized items from ceramic and other materials. Naturally, they have an app for that, and it supports the iPad as well. It lets you choose from an existing collection of designer-created 3D printable objects or create a personalized item like a mug with your child's silhouette built-in or an iPhone case with your custom message. I'm tempted to say the custom images or text are embossed, but that's technically inaccurate. The item is crafted in 3D with your edits. You have to see it to understand, and you can download the app for free and play with it.

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