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Screbl Pal (US)

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Screbl Pal is your best friend during a game of Scrabble™ or Wordfeud. Screbl Pal has his hand on the board and is aware of well over 276.000 official SOWPODS and 178.000 official TWL words! Screbl Pal distinguishes itself frrom other helpers by the user friendly input and the intelligent search algorithm.

Screbl Pal knows about 454,000 official English SOWPODS & TWL words, which are all embedded in the app. You do not need an Internet connection to query. Entering the tiles can be done in a very user-friendly way without the hassle of filling multiple input fields, using wildcards, and other strange characters. Just select your tiles, hit search and Screbl Pal shows you the best possible combinations.


Screbl Pal - Easy to use iPhone app finds the best Wordfeud words

Screbl Pal - Easy to use iPhone app finds the best Wordfeud words



Mobz Technologies today introduces Screbl Pal 1.0, an innovative handy app for the iPhone which helps during a game of Scrabble or Wordfeud. Based on entered tiles, Screbl Pal searches an official SOWPODS or TWL list of over 276,000 English words for the best possible solutions. A complete dictionary embedded in the app, so no internet connection is required to find words. Screbl Pal distinguishes itself from other helper apps by the user-friendly input and an intelligent search algorithm.



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