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Scott's Submarine

Scott's Submarine is 50% off 'til midnight

Scott's Submarine is 50% off 'til midnight

February 25, 2012

Scott's Submarine, an interactive book app for kids for iPad and iPhone, is 50% off until midnight today ($1.99).

The app is currently #1 in several countries in the Appstore Books category and even reached #1 and #3 position overall in Spain and France! Not bad for a children's book!

Get it before it's back to its original price!

http://itunes.com/apps/scottssubmarine (designed both for iPad and iPhone)

The app is also available on the Android Market.

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Price drop on Scott's Submarine: $1.99

Price drop on Scott's Submarine: $1.99

June 8, 2011

Square Igloo announced today a price drop on Scott's Submarine, internationally acclaimed children's book for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (see reviews below).
The universal app (designed for both iPad and iPhone) is now just $1.99 on the App Store and for a short period of time only (regular price: $2.99).

App Store link: http://itunes.com/apps/scottssubmarine
Video trailer: http://youtu.be/la2j7Ge8a5Q

Scott's Submarine, a smart book for smart kids

Scott's Submarine, a smart book for smart kids

Square Igloo, an independent studio, released Scottʼs Submarine, its 1st application for young children, beautifully illustrated by Matt Roussel, internationally acclaimed 3D artist. Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, it's available on the App Store as a universal application.

This interactive book tells the story of two children and their cat in an incredible adventure under the sea and offers two levels of reading: one using simple words for very young children and a second one with a more advanced vocabulary and a longer text.

Scott's Submarine

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Square Igloo

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