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iPhone PhotographyI Phone photography is growing in acceptance as a bona fide form of photography, and not merely a cute stepchild feature of the iPhone. Your iPhone is now the camera that’s always with you. It is no longer enough to think of it as a phone that can also take photographs, hardly! In fact, I invite you to look at it as a camera that also happens to make phone calls.Given this newly harvested mindset, and the fact that with each incarnation of the iPhone comes a better camera, I invite you to come along on a photographic journey.


There's Never Been a Better Time to be a Photographer!

Blue Umbrella-Before

There's never been a better time to be a photographer! Well, maybe not for those trying to earn a living from it. Almost everyone has a camera these days, many of which are capable of producing high-quality images. And the fact that high-quality cameras are built into the iPhone and other smartphones means that people carry their cameras around with them to capture images as the inspiration hits them. Finally, editing digital photos is now much easier thanks to a variety of apps available to PC, Mac, and of course, iOS users.


Cycle Art!

Creating a visual celebration of the bicycle

I discovered, somewhat by chance, an unexpected power within the iPhone on a long bicycle ride early last year. A chance encounter with blooming dandelions stopped my ride, and I took a photo of them with my iPhone. Later, as I played with the photo in a quiet setting, using a number of image editing apps, I realized I had discovered a new genre, which I call, "Cycle Art." Simply put, Cycle Art is a mobile, digital celebration of the bicycle.


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