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Omni Study: A Student's (and Teacher's) Best Friend


I remember the week before school started, my friend Paula and I would buy our yearly planners and bedazzle them with photos of celebrities, pithy quotes, and stickers. But behind their flashy exterior, the student planner was always the glue that held our school year together. Maybe we had to make the exterior so frilly and bright because the interior held so many "boring" assignments. No matter what the reason, student planners are an essential part of high school and college life, and no student should attempt making it through the year without one, even if the medium has primarily changed from paper to digital. Enter Omni Study (free this week) the app version (minus the stickers) of my paper planner. 

Nicholas Doherty

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Nicholas Doherty
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Omni Study is an elegant student planner app that helps students get ahead and stay on task. It manages classes, events, assignments, and grades.

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What makes Omni Study different from other student productivity apps? The app is designed around the new iOS7 design philosophy. It looks absolutely beautiful with full screen class displays and an elegant today view that can suggest what assignment to begin. Omni Study has a laser focus on assignments. It can tell the user what grade they will need on an upcoming assignment to either achieve the next letter grade or maintain their current one. It can graph a trend of a student's grades and send push notification reminders.
<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/omni-study/id679458942?ls=1&mt=8">Omni Study is currently FREE for the iPhone and iPad!</a>
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