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iPads in the Classroom


I've never worked on a Mac. I don't even own an iPhone. But one night four months ago, I borrowed an iPad from our Technology Department to see what all the fuss was about. As a baseball coach and sponsor of our school's broadcasting club, I thought the iPad might be useful for video analysis and editing. And it is. What I never expected was to find so many practical functions for my classroom. The iPad has changed the way I teach high school English, and there’s a pretty good chance it can change the way you teach, too.

Paper/Pencil VS. iPad


Notability,  PenUltimate and Notes Plus Review

Can we find the perfect note taking app for each individual?  Is this to broad of an audience to meet the needs for all?  I think it will come down to a few apps being great for note taking.  I don’t think one company will monopolize this niche.  Why?  People are too different.  I may like certain features that my friend doesn’t.  With that said lets discuss some applications available.

Study Aids

Organize your classes, track assignments, and take notes with the help of these apps

A new school year is upon us, and that can only mean one thing. Homework! The thought of it is still enough to send shivers up my spine even though I have been out of school for well over a decade. Today, instead of working on my own schoolwork, I help my children with theirs. It is now my son's lack of organization, rather than my own, that provides an endless font of frustration. Fortunately, the iPad is here to help. 

Sadly, despite all my research, I haven't been able to find an app that actually does your homework for you. However, there are apps to help you get organized, take notes, track your classes, and even learn the material… just about everything you'd need to complete your homework on your own and succeed in school. 


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