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Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart

Review: Nightmares From The Deep: The Cursed Heart by G5 Entertainment


I don’t recall when I got interested in hidden object games, but I think I was pretty much hooked from the first one I played.  They were challenging, yet unlike adventure games I didn’t have to worry about any gaps between play times because there was nothing for me to forget that would affect my progress in the game.  Eventually, though, it was nice to see hidden object games start to blend in more adventure game style elements, and now it seems like the line is often blurred between the genres.  Still, the concept was starting to get stagnant again… and then along came Nightmare From The Deep: Cursed Heart.  I could barely put this game down, and thankfully I have the collector’s edition which has an additional adventure now that I’ve completed the main tale.

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