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Great Games from Major Developers

4 top-notch games from Epic Games, id software, and other big game developers

When the App Store was first unveiled, the vast majority of games available were from smaller, lesser-known developers. That's not to say that those games were bad—many of them were phenomenal. For example, Mediatonic's Must.Eat.Birds ($0.99, app2.me/3095; free "Lite” version, app2.me/3099) is one of the best iPhone games available.

Well, times have changed. Apple's iOS devices are not only more varied and powerful, they're used by millions of people. All this makes the platform particularly appealing to major game developers such as Epic Games and the legendary ID Software. 


Lesser-Known Treasures

Five great games you probably haven't played!

There are many articles out there reviewing better known games available on the App Store. However, there are tens of thousands of games available, and these reviews tend to overlook some of the lesser-known treasures. Here are five games that you probably haven't played, but probably should.


$0.99, app2.me/3095; free "Lite" version: app2.me/3099


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