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MoneyWiz for iPad

MoneyWiz for iPad - Retina ready!

MoneyWiz for iPad - Retina ready!

SilverWiz Ltd. is excited to announce today, that their personal finance software MoneyWiz for iPad is already optimised with artwork for the new Retina display. The retina artwork will be submitted via an update tomorrow, and is expected to hit the AppStore before the new iPad starts shipping.

"We've started redrawing all our artwork to make it twice as big, 2 weeks ago. Tomorrow - we'll release it for approval." said Iliya Yordanov, managing director of SilverWiz.

The new artwork will make MoneyWiz 8 MB bigger, totalling almost 19 MB.

So how does it work from developer's perspective?

MoneyWiz for iPad - Personal Finance

MoneyWiz for iPad - Personal Finance
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Do more with your money. View all your accounts, budgets and bills in one place. Experience reports on a whole new level. Sync Everything across devices! 

Meet MoneyWiz - the personal finance assistant that just works! 



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MoneyWiz for iPad update brings zen design into personal finance

MoneyWiz for iPad update brings zen design into personal finance


SilverWiz is proud to announce the release of the greatest update so far for their personal finance assistant app for iPhone and iPad. 

MoneyWiz 1.3 brings over 50 new features. The most notable of them being:



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SilverWiz was established in early 2010 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, willing to show the world how software should really be made. In early 2011, the team relocated to London, UK. There are a few fundamental principles on which we found SilverWiz, and we're proud to live up to them:* Software must be feature rich, yet easy to use* Software must be elegant and good looking* Respond to all customer enquiries. No exceptions!* Listen to customers' needs 

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