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Rumor: iOS 9 Maps to Include Transit Directions


Details of iOS 9 are continuing to leak as we get closer to the June announcement of this new version of iOS at the Worldwide Developers Conference. 9To5Mac is reporting that Maps in iOS 9 will now include transit directions — a feature that was rumored for iOS 8 but wasn't ready in time. Now it's said to be ready and will include subway, train, and bus information. 

Scout: The Great Maps App Alternative


I remember when Apple premiered its version of maps. It wasn't pretty. People were upset, really upset, and I couldn't quite figure out why, because unlike the majority of my iPhone-toting brethren, I'd never used Google Maps. I first moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue an acting career. I was armed with a Thomas Guide and a prayer. As a directionally challenged individual who had taken one too many a wrong turns and ended up in Compton on more than one occasion, I bought the first GPS system the moment it came on the market. Tom-Tom, Garmin, I've used them all.

Apple Adds Flyover Support in Maps for 15 Additional Cities


Apple has been hard at work improving its Maps app, and people are noticing. The company hired more engineers to work on the app, and yesterday The Loop reported that Apple is frequently and significantly updating Maps. In recent months it's updated Flyover, which offers a 3D view of a city's buildings. The feature is meant to compete with Google Street View.

iPhone Maps App Update

It's all good in my world. Since Apple kicked Google Maps to the curb, they have been dodging arrows from critics because it's not perfect. I am not about to apologize or justify for Apple, only check in about my real life testing here in rural Vermont.

Easy traveling with an iPhone!

I've been traveling the last few days doing seminars, visiting local attractions, and going to a writer's conference. My iPhone has come in handy MANY TIMES!

First, I used MileBug to keep track of my mileage and expenses for tax purposes.

Firefighter apps


In case you've been wondering where I disappeared to, 2 things happened. 1) I installed The Sims  on my iPhone which led me to install it on my PC & that was it ... I was gone. Living in the Matrix ... until I joined the Fire Department. Now all of my time is spent there ... on calls, in training, at the Fire Academy, etc. Somewhere in between calls & training, I managed to find a few good apps made just for fire fighters &/or EMTs & turned my 1st app page into the the bat page ... kinda like the bat phone, but with apps. I'm always looking for apps, but these are the ones I have at the moment.

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