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Logis Twist

Logic Twist

Logic Twist
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★ Unique combination of an incredibly addicting funny game and interesting brainteaser!
★ Very cute and amusing characters!
★ Great variety of levels and superpowers!

Once upon a time … pigs got bored ☺

Everyday on the farm “Piggy” is the same. Sleeping, waking up, eating, wondering around, eating, and sleeping…again. Not that interesting, hah?
That’s what pigs thought!

SO they decided to play a little bit. They waited until Angry Bob (the farmer) felt asleep and start playing hide-and-seek! So they all mixed up! Did you know that pigs L-O-V-E that game?!

Unfortunately, their tramping wake the farmer up! Now he has to put every piggy on its spot! Will you help him?


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