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Johnny & the Doomsday Machine

Johnny & the Doomsday Machine
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Twelve-year-old Johnny Fremont is the world's only hope when the Council of Fifty, a secret society of the most evil people on the planet, decides to wipe out the entire Southern Hemisphere with a doomsday machine.


[REVIEW] iTunes 11


WARNING: This review is graphics heavy!

Note: Due to security concerns for my iPad and iPhone I decided not to include device information screenshots for them. However, you can access any iOS device information by clicking on the Devices button next to the iTunes Store/Library button on the right upper side.


Yes, there is a new icon! :) It does look better than the previous version.


[NEW MAC APP] iTunes 11 Has Been Released


iTunes 11 has been released for OS X (and Windows)! Check Software Update to get the new version. Or visit Apple here for the iTunes 11 file.

Initial impression... Wonderful and quite speedy! I love the new UI. It's so much easier finding music to play now.

I did find two glaring problems though...

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