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Back-to-School Special: Inkling Phones Home


Innovative next-generation textbook publisher Inkling has ported its environment and content to the iPhone. Already available on the iPad, the Mac and the PC via the web, this new version makes study dates even more portable, and more personal.  With the iPhone version of Inkling there will be no excuses for not studying unless you forget to charge your phone. As a college instructor, I can tell you, we aren’t buying that excuse.

As the illustration demonstrates, Inkling has a native look-and-feel for the iPhone. No trying to cram a 10-inch experience into the phone form factor.

eBook Update: Getting an inkling for Inkling


I have been playing with electronic books in anticipation of my upcoming series of columns on education and iOS for iPhone Life. Today I had the pleasure of meeting with Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis.

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