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iGrill mini Joins the Line of Smart Cooking Tools from iDevices


If you were hesitant to try the iGrill when it was first released at $80+, the new iGrill mini might make a believer out of you.  At $39.99, the mini is an affordable tool to monitor the temperature of your expensive steaks and could pay for itself. In fact, the iGrill mini won an iPhone Life Best of Show award at CES. Unlike the big brother iGrill and the new $99.99 iGrill 2, both of which have four probes, the iGrill mini has one probe, which should suffice for most grillmasters. Unless you're cooking significantly different kinds of meat, like turkey and hamburgers and steaks, one probe might be enough.

iGrill: Grilling the Perfect Steak and the Internet of Things


I love my iGrill from iDevices ($79.95). I have owned many a meat thermometer over the years, only to be disappointed by undercooked steaks, melted plastic bezels, and holding devices a little to close to the heat. iGrill appears to be accurate. Even better, it talks to my iPad so I don’t have to sit and watch the steak cook. To quote a tutorial on steak cooking, “the only reason to flip a steak is to cook the other side.” Many BBQ aficionados spend too much time with their meat. They poke and prod, flip and rearrange because watching a steak cook is like watching the proverbial grass grow. Since you want the perfect steak, you pay a little too much attention to it. While people are putting out paper plates, popping the tab on another beer, or cheering a great block shot in croquet, you are left watching your meat cook.

My iPhone as a Remote: Controlling the Universe One Device at a Time


I’ve been using my iPhone as a remote control for years now. I can set up my DVR from work if I’m going to miss my favorite TV shows, I can turn on the lights in my house (my wife loves when I decide to mess with her), I can start, lock and unlock my car and I can change the song coming through my jukebox from anywhere in the house. But, there are two new things that you can control remotely with an iPhone that I think are pretty interesting.

There are also some things that I wishI could control with my iPhone that they haven’t thought of yet.

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