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iFiles -- multipurpose app for file management, document viewing, voice recording, text editing, and more


One amazing thing about Macworld was to get demos of under-the-radar apps and see how good they are. You begin to realize that there are many unheralded gems. One such demo was iFiles ($2.99). It is primarily a file manager. That in itself was impressive — seeing a hierarchical system of files like I might view in my Mac's finder. It was as if suddenly there was a new window onto the iPhone. And it lets you manage not just the files on your iOS device, but also across multiple accounts in the cloud, such as Flickr, Google Docs, MobileMe, Dropbox, Box.net, and more.

Take Your Documents With You Wherever You Go!

Apps take advantage of "cloud" services and let you access your documents wherever you are.

Sometimes it seems that the more mobile I am, the less mobile my documents become! Let me explain. 

When I work at home, I occasionally use my desktop computers but write most of my documents on a Netbook. When I commute to work via the train, I use my iPad. Once I get to work, I spend the rest of the day on a desktop computer. Consequently, the documents I create reside on a number of devices, few of which play nicely with the others. I quickly realized that I needed an easy way to transfer files between these computers.

The solution for me was "the cloud." Google Docs, iDisk, and other cloud-based services let you store any file you’re working on to an online storage area.


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