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10 Apps That Shine on the iPad 2

Push your iPad to the limit!

iMovieIn addition to being faster and thinner, the iPad 2 includes a gyroscope, and not one but two cameras. With this in mind, we looked for apps that leverage these improvements. The obvious ones are Apple's own Photo Booth and FaceTime (both built-in) as well as GarageBand ($4.99, app2.me/3798) and iMovie ($4.99, app2.me/2551). This article focuses on third-party apps that you might want to take a look at.


Amazing Camera Apps

Add barcode readers, augmented reality, fax, language translation, heart rate monitor, and more to your iPhone or 4th gen iPod touch

The range of creative and practical apps that use the camera in unusual ways is astonishing. Who would have thought that you could use it as a heart rate monitor or a business card reader? There's even an app for those who are colorblind, to show them the colors present in any object you photograph.

Apple made a brilliant decision when it let developers create apps that access the camera input and use it in non-traditional ways. In this month's column, I offer a roundup of some of these apps.


New version of HoloToy — $0.99 app has great 3D effects

I've just been watching the demo videos of the newly released version of HoloToy and I couldn't resist buying it. The 3-D effects look great on an iPad. The app is a work in progress but definitely has a wow factor. People are always wanting to see my iPad so it's fun having a few apps that show it off.

HoloToy: The closest thing to a real hologram on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone!


Ah the good old days.  When the app store was new, everyone rushed to download apps that could show off what was unique about the iPhone.  iSteam was a great app to demonstrate both the touchscreen interface and the accelerometer, as well as the microphone to 'steam' up the screen.  Now that the iPad is here, we need to round up similar apps that we can use to evangelize this new platform.

HoloToy gives you 3D on your iPhone and iPad

HoloToy ($0.99) offers a surprisingly effective 3D experience on the iPhone and iPad.

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