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Rules of iPhoneography: Create Movement in Static Images [Video Tutorial]


The following workflow explains iPhone apps you can use to create motion effects in images. In my previous two posts, I looked at exposure and depth of field. Within, I discussed the limitations of controlling the aperture of the iPhone and the resulting inability to easily control shutter speed without compromising exposure.

The image at the beginning of this post began as a very static freeze-frame image (shown at right). I thought it was promising but lacked the dynamic quality I wanted to inject.

The following video, which lasts less than 10 minutes, runs through the full process in real time with my own commentary, also in real time.

Top iPhoneography Pics of the Week


Top iPhoneography Pics of the Week showcases mobile photography talent submitted by iPhone Life readers. Each week, we feature three top submissions along with one honorable mention. We judge the images based on quality, composition, context, cleverness, and mood. All photos must be taken and edited with an iOS device and using only iOS apps.

To enter your own best iOS shots, please visit iphonelife.com/contest for submission details. Feel free to share how you created your image, and don't forget to give it a title and tell us which apps you used! You'll not only get the chance to have your photo featured online, but also of winning prizes from OlloclipCanvasPop, and a spot in the next issue of iPhone Life magazine. 

Also, make sure to read my articles for tips and tricks related to iPhoneography, and check back next week to see who gets featured in iPhone Life's Top iPhoneography Pics of the Week!

Create Your Own Photo Filter Library Using Hipstamatic


Digital photo filters can change the look of your photos, and it's easy to create your own using Hipstamatic ($1.99)! To put together a collection, use the Hipstamatic app to photograph a blank sheet of paper (or any flat surface to get an interesting texture). Vary the combination of lenses and film with Hipstamatic to create different images.

You have many possibilites as shown by this random collection of nine filters.

To apply a filter to photos in your Camera Roll, open an image in any app that allows blending of layers. Image Blender ($2.99) is a great app for this. Add one or more of the digital filters on top of your photograph, and adjust the blending mode until you get the desired effect.

The nine filters above produced these variations of one images, shown below.

And here's a closer look at the finished image where three of the filters were added for a unique blend.  

How To Create Tunnel Vision Photographs Using Only a Straw and Your iPhone


The iPhoneography Tip of the Week series features tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you take better pictures with your iPhone.

I received a Facebook message from a friend a short time ago challenging me to describe the method she used to create an image of a rose surrounded by a silky-pink tunnel. I found out she used a straw to create the beautiful image, and I decided I would experiment with the trick, and see what I could create.

Here is what you will need to try it yourself:

1. Scissors;

2. A straw (your choice of color);

3. The subject;

4. Your iPhone!

Your iPhone Camera: Helping You Find Your Car and Other Cool Stuff


How often do you use your iPhone’s camera feature?

Do you save it for just taking pictures of your friends and family and maybe the occasional jackwagon parking job (and then running it through FAIL Maker to make it that much funnier), or do you use it for nontraditional purposes?

I’ve found ways to use my phone’s camera that help make life a little bit easier.

For example, have you ever thought to use your phone to take a picture of the lot number you’re parked in so you don’t lose your car every time you go to the mall?

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