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Use Your iPhone to Identify Your Strengths and Passions!


In this smartphone coaching series, learn how to pair your iPhone with simple success principles and create a better life. This is Part 5 in the series. To start at the beginning, click here.

We have now come to the last piece of the puzzle for living a good life. In previous posts we have discussed your health (physical and mental) and your relationships. The last piece for a good life is to have a meaningful purpose—something that you enjoy doing.

Drawing review roundup - Set Paint Go, Grafio, Illustrator and tips for an aging iPad


I recently reviewed a new stylus (see GoSmart review here), so figured I would swing back and repost on some of the drawing apps I used in the review. I also wanted to cover a unique "self-drawing" app created by Eric Hayes (an MIT math wiz and artist) called Set Paint Go. In this drawing roundup: Grafio, a very powerful diagramming and drawing toolset with a highly capable Lite version; Illustrator, another simple editor that can help you produce great looking graphics in like 2 seconds. I also have a few quick tips for when app crashes occur on older hardware, since I have been having some issues with an aging gadget...

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