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Review: Gluey by mobileAge


When I first saw Gluey I was a bit concerned that it was going to be too much like another iOS game I really like called Globs.  Thankfully the two are not really similar at all, because now I don’t have to decide which one I like better – I can enjoy them both as the separate games they are.  Gluey is a lot of fun, and the dynamically flowing game board keeps the player on their toes.  I do think the game could stand a name change, though, as Gluey just doesn’t do the concept much justice.


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The lava lamp like puzzle game of skill, chance and the occasional nuke.


With 25 million players worldwide this crazy popular game has finally come to iOS in an exciting new form. Gluey for iOS adds completely refreshed artwork, expanded level designs and fun new challenges to the liquidy puzzler people know and love.



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MobileAge is a privately-held company that was founded to solely focus on producing high quality solutions for iOS. Our lineage is one of growth, excellence and commitment to the handheld industry.


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