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FriendsWire: Your Personalized Facebook Magazine

FriendsWire: Your Personalized Facebook Magazine
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Get your Facebook news feed delivered daily in a unique, magazine style!

Ever wish you could read your friends’ status updates, see their more recent pictures and more as if you’re reading through your own, personalized Facebook magazine? Well, with FriendsWire, you can. FriendsWire gives you a unique Facebook experience like none other - the app even allows users to view issues by date! Simply download the app, log in and we take care of the rest.

FriendsWire offers up these great features and more:
★ Gathers friends’ activities from the previous day and presents them in a package that is visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate
★ Receive a quick update of your friends’ news feed at-a-glance


Myclickapps.com LLC

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Myclickapps.com LLC
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Mycllickapps LLC is an internationally focused publisher of iOS apps situated in Wilmington, DE. MyClickApps seeks to make apps that are useful and practical for people who love to make the most of their mobile devices. Mycllickapps is innovative and seeks to produce apps that are useful and innovative. Other app by the company include: ContactsDuster, FriendsWire, 1-Click Flashlight with more than 400k downloads, and A Special Phone featured in MacWorld For more information, please see www.MyClickApps.com.

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