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Syncing Files Online with Your iPad

SpiderOak, Dropbox, and SugarSync help you secure and access vital data online

They say you can't take it with you. The "it" in that saying originally referred to your personal wealth, but until recently, it also referred to personal information stored on your computer. For most of my life, data was a nearly immovable object, as heavy as your computer. Today, with mobile devices and the steadily improving effectiveness of cloud computing, it is easier than ever to back up, sync, and access important data without filling up your storage drive or adding a single ounce to your gear bag.


Take Your Documents With You Wherever You Go!

Apps take advantage of "cloud" services and let you access your documents wherever you are.

Sometimes it seems that the more mobile I am, the less mobile my documents become! Let me explain. 

When I work at home, I occasionally use my desktop computers but write most of my documents on a Netbook. When I commute to work via the train, I use my iPad. Once I get to work, I spend the rest of the day on a desktop computer. Consequently, the documents I create reside on a number of devices, few of which play nicely with the others. I quickly realized that I needed an easy way to transfer files between these computers.

The solution for me was "the cloud." Google Docs, iDisk, and other cloud-based services let you store any file you’re working on to an online storage area.


Some updates and Other Tidbits

I figured I would post a variety of updates of what I have been doing with my tech lately. These are in no particular order.

Documents to go was updated two days ago with support for the iPad. This app is now a universal binary so it can be used on the iPad, Touch, and iPhone. I am looking forward to using it more on the Pad as I think I will get more use of it there than I have had on the Touch.



I recently downloaded and started using the DropBox file service.

Top Award Sites and App Lists Help you find the Best Apps

Find the top apps fast on these sites

Early on, when the number of iPhone apps was in the thousands, the App Store was a good way for users to find apps and for developers to bring their apps to the attention of users. Now that there are over 200,000 apps, the App Store isn't that helpful.

When you do a search on a topic in the iTunes store, you might get hundreds of results. They are displayed in no particular order and there is no way to sort them according to most popular, best-selling, free vs. paid, etc. The 20 broad categories also aren't that useful, since there are so many apps that don't obviously fit any particular category. Fortunately, the Internet can help. In this article, I'll point you to some useful lists of the best apps.


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