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DataMan Pro

DataMan Pro for iPhone - analyze your 3G data usage and location on your computer

DataMan Pro for iPhone - analyze your 3G data usage and location on your computer

XVision today is pleased to announce a new iPhone app, DataMan Pro, the most powerful app to monitor and manage your 3G data usage in real time, precisely tracking your data activities in the background. DataMan Pro is available in the App Store at the special launch price of USD $1.99.

"The most advanced data usage manager keeps getting better. You can now export your 3G data usage statistics and location to your computer. Open the exported CSV file in your spreadsheet to perform all sorts of analysis on your statistics. Plus, visualize your daily statistics in a chart on your iPhone and see more of your data in our enhanced UI," said Johnny, XVision CEO. "Download DataMan Pro and get new features that let you better manage your data usage."

DataMan Pro

DataMan Pro
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The most powerful and precise weapon against data overage charges just got better! Export and analyze your 3G data usage on your computer. DataMan Pro monitors and manages your data usage in real time, closely tracking your data activities every 10 minutes. No other apps come close to DataMan for its precision. The advanced technologies and features in DataMan help you make smarter decisions to manage consumption, stop overage charges and save money.

● Track your daily, weekly and monthly cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) data usage. You can view your usage across different days in a chart and even zoom in to see the hourly details.

● Warn you the moment you exceed your usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan.



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