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Flipping Tip: Keep Parents in the Loop


"The single biggest problem with communications is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw

Believe it or not even the best kids get tempted to give messages from school the deep-six when they bear bad news.

Firefighter apps


In case you've been wondering where I disappeared to, 2 things happened. 1) I installed The Sims  on my iPhone which led me to install it on my PC & that was it ... I was gone. Living in the Matrix ... until I joined the Fire Department. Now all of my time is spent there ... on calls, in training, at the Fire Academy, etc. Somewhere in between calls & training, I managed to find a few good apps made just for fire fighters &/or EMTs & turned my 1st app page into the the bat page ... kinda like the bat phone, but with apps. I'm always looking for apps, but these are the ones I have at the moment.

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