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Cogito Classic Could Be a Smart Affordable Alternative to the Apple Watch


In the post-Apple Watch world, like it or not, every wearable will be compared to the Apple offering. Fortunately, Apple has left quite a few gaps in their product line, allowing folks like Cogito to compare quite favorably. They offer a pair of watches, one at about $130 and the other at $180. This is about the price of a nice band from Apple!

The Cogito Pop Watch may be smart enough to earn a spot on your wrist


This is the season of the Watch, and I've had the opportunity to review at least five SmartWatches lately, from Pebble, Martian, Phosphor, i'mWatch and now Cogito ($129.95). Each brings something different to the table, in terms of apps, screen, battery life, style, and functionality. Cogito's Pop may have just enough "smart" to go with plenty of style and battery life to be your primary watch.

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