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Voice Search Coming to Google's Free Chrome Browser for iOS


I tend to use Safari for my web browsing, but Google's Chrome browser (free) is a worthy competitor, especially now that you can simply speak your queries in order to do a search. Last week Google announced the new version would be available in the App Store "in the coming days" on the Google Chrome Blog. It's gradually rolling it out, so if you have Chrome and the update isn't yet available, it will be soon. I already have this new feature on my iPad mini.

Weekly App Review - Utility Roundup and Chrome Shakedown!


Was able to check out 3 new handy utilities this week, and the new so-called Chrome for iOS browser, which is the Safari engine in a Chrome-like wrapper with a few added features that help if you are already drinking the Goog kool-aid. I have come to rely heavily on Safari, and IMO, Chrome mobile did not impress at all. About the only thing I liked was being able to get to my bookmarks, but it performed too chaotically to be useful. Also in this post, I cover some handy lightweight remote control apps (PC HUD and OFF) that let you monitor, stop or restart a PC or Mac from your iDevice, and a really decent calc/notepad app (CalcTape) for running accounting tallies and similar number-crunching tasks. As a bonus, I'll round up 3 of my fav free utilities at the end! Perfect end to a review roundup...

Early reviews of new (free) Google Chrome browser and Google Drive


As my fellow blogger Siva Om has noted, the big news this week (other than the iPhone's 5th birthday) is Google's release of two free apps for the iPhone and iPad: their Chrome web browser and their new Google Drive cloud storage service. You can read an early review of Chrome on AppleInsider.

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