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Cafe International Review - Fun for the whole family!


Solitaire for cafe addicts, with an offbeat 80s feel... That's my impression of Cafe International. Uh, how many restaurants or shops are seating lone international guests specifically by nationality or gender? None that I know of, but that really isn't the point. The point of Cafe International is good old pattern-matching fun with a multi-player twist that everyone can enjoy. It's also a great way to learn and recognize international flags.

Café International for iPhone and iPad - Trailer

Café International for iPhone and iPad - Trailer
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The legendary game (Board Game of The Year 1989 Germany, over one million sold) is back, a fun and challenging strategic board game for iPhone and iPad!

Using the officially licensed caricatures from the original board game, you'll find that not every guest wants to sit next to each other in Café International.


Application Systems Heidelberg Software GmbH

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Application Systems Heidelberg Software GmbH
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Application Systems Heidelberg, a company with a solid track record in the business since 1985. We started out as developer and publisher of software for the Atari ST computer series and changed our business after Atari died in the mid 90ies and became a major Apple Macintosh software distributor in Europe.

We are going back to our roots now as a developer and publisher and started publishing Apps for iOS and the Macintosh in 2010. We are acting as a distributor and republisher for the App Stores as well.

Any business proposals for cooperation, publishing and development are welcome.

@ cafecardgame
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