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Stressed Out? 5 Apps to Help You Relax


In times of stress, you can turn to your iPhone.

Your body’s natural reaction to stress — known as the “fight or flight” response — can negatively affect your health, according to the American Psychological Association, and can make already existing health problems even worse. And while it’s normal to experience some stress throughout the day, even just a little bit can have an effect; for instance, you might get a stomach ache when you’re nervous for an exam at school.

4 Effective and Fun Apps for Stress Relief


Ok, guys, show of hands: Who here never gets stressed out? You didn’t raise your hand, did you? Everyone gets stressed out sometimes, so I thought I’d go digging for a few really nice stress relief apps.

I know what you’re thinking. And yes, there are nature sounds, yes there are guided meditation and breathing apps, but there’s also one that lets you smash things to pieces without making a mess or getting in trouble with your wife.

Take a deep breath. Let’s dig in.

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