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To Bee or not to Bear?

"To Bee or not to Bear?" is FREE for a limited time!

Christmas is knocking at your door!

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Hi everyone!


What is cooler: bees or bears?


What? Aren't you sure? Play “To Bee or not to Bear?”, and you'll learn how everything is! Just think over: the bee is small, cute and brings profit – it harvests honey! So, anyway the bee is your bro! And the bear is not only fat, hairy and bad-smelling, but it also is a great glutton, so the bear is definitely not your bro!


To Bee or not to Bear?

To Bee or not to Bear?
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What do you like most: the bees or the bears? 


“To Bee or no tot Bear” gives you only one choice. The Bee is cool, hard-working, jokingly-colored and is your bro. And the Bear is impudent, smells bad, pokes his nose, where he mustn't and is not your bro. 



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