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Apple to Offer Freebies to Promote Free Apple Store App


According to an interesting post on 9To5Mac, only 20 percent of iOS users are even aware of the free Apple Store app. Apple wants to change that and will be releasing a new version next Tuesday that will include temporary free downloads as a way to get more people to use the app. Apparently the offerings will include apps, music, and books. This will encourage users to buy more content from Apple and also bring more attention to the Apple Store app itself. And according to 9To5Mac, Apple hopes this will help achieve its recently stated goal of selling more iPhones through its Apple Stores. Currently, 20 percent of all iPhones sold are purchased from Apple Stores, and according to rumor, CEO Tim Cook wants to raise that figure to 50 percent. He views the iPhone as a gateway product—a way of introducing new customers to Apple's full line of products. If people purchase their phone at an Apple Store, they get more exposure to Apple's iPads, iMacs, MacBook Airs, etc.

[COMMENT] Apple Store app


// begin rant

I normally don't complain much about some of the things Apple does, but something needs to be said about the pathetic state of the Apple Store app. Many of you are aware of exactly what I am talking about. Why doesn't Apple show iPad owners some Universal love?

Apple created the iPad, so you would think that Apple would have created a standalone Apple Store app for iPad. Or better yet, create a Universal Apple Store app that can be used on any iOS device. As it stands today, the Apple Store app looks horrible on my iPad's (3rd generation) Retina Display.

It's almost like Apple thinks no one does any shopping for Apple products on an iPad.

Apple Store app -- buy accessories without help of a clerk


Imagine this: you use the Apple Store app (free) to buy an accessory for your iOS device, walk into in Apple Store, take the product off the shelf, and walk out of the store with it. According to MacRumors, this self-checkout capability may be coming as early as this week. Apparently, as you leave the store you'll simply show the clerk your receipt on your iPhone. However, this only applies to accessories.

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