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RealMaze3dRealmaze3D is a first-person dungeon romp through graphically interesting, three-dimensional mazes. The game has five different maze sizes (Tiny to Insane), which become more challenging as you progress. To escape the most extreme maze, you’ll need an excellent memory, and superior spatial orientation. It takes a few minutes to get used to the touch interface. Once you do, you’ll have to figure out the pathways and ladders of the game. Realmaze3D can be a real mind-bender!



WordpopThis addictive, finger-centric word creation game keeps vocabulary hunts going sometimes for hours at a time. The sounds of popping, plopping, and freezing bubbles heighten the thrill of connecting the letter-bubbles to form new words before they completely fill the screen. The fast pace of the game sometimes means that the words you create are more random than clever or educational; but there is enough here to keep lovers of word puzzles engaged for hours.








EquilibrioTilt your device to guide the ball through corridors, along ledges, and through pipes to reach the exit and advance to the next level. Fifteen levels are available in the free version of the game; 60 levels in the paid version. The game provides an addictive experience that can keep you on the edge of your seat!




Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3DThis block-stacking game has cute graphics and a SimCity-style building construction theme. Towers sway as you add blocks, generating delightful tension. You have to time the dropping of your blocks with the swaying of the towers, and this takes some getting used to. Once mastered, towers can be built with hundreds of pieces. Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D is a wonderful game for kids of all ages.







Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab

Burning Monkey Puzzle LabThis Tetris-like clone is addictive and fun to play. But I was slightly disappointed by its somewhat minimal sound effects and graphics. The game is Freeverse's first iPhone/touch app, and I’m sure they will do better with future releases. They might have delayed the release of this one and applied a little more of the polish normally associated with their games.








Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab

Aqua Forest

Aqua ForestAqua Forest represents the new, expanding generation of games that more deeply immerse players in the gameplay by making them active participants via their motions. The game includes a series of fluid-like puzzles that are beautiful to look at and fun to play. It includes five puzzle categories: Tilting, Touch, Draw, Warm & Cool, and All Functions. Each category has 10 different games. Aqua Forest is one of those titles that showcase the smooth graphic effects of the iPhone. However, while it is entertaining, other puzzle games deliver a more addicting experience at a lower cost.



Free apps from Time, Sports Illustrated, and Business Week magazines


It's great to see so many major publications creating apps for the iPhone. Nowadays it seems like every company feels as if it's necessary to have an iPhone app, just as it's necessary to have a website. Polar Mobile has been working hard creating apps for some top magazines, having recently released apps for Time, Sports Illustrated, and BusinessWeek — all free.


JigsawedWhile dozens of jigsaw puzzle games are available in the App Store, few have the remarkable look and feel of Jigsawed. Unlike other titles, Jigsawed manages to recreate the experience of scattering real puzzle pieces on a virtual playfield. Like other electronic jigsaw titles, you can create a puzzle using one of the images that come with the game, import an image from popular Internet photo sharing sites, or use a picture from your iPhone’s photo albums. You can adjust the difficulty of the puzzles by specifying the number and rotation of pieces, by seeing the image before scattering the pieces, and by adjusting the sensitivity of the positioning of the individual pieces.


iEmergencyiEmergencyMy mother is a registered nurse and she mentioned that people rarely think about how they would replace their medications if a natural disaster were to hit. Fortunately, there is a solution for that. iEmergency lets you record personal health-related and insurance information, as well as emergency contact numbers. You can specify whom to contact in case of emergency, hospital preference, as well as physicians’ names and numbers. You can also record the dosage and frequency of your medications and any allergies you have.

State Farm Pocket Agent

State Farm Pocket AgentState Farm’s free app makes it easy for their auto insurance customers to file a claim directly from their iPhone. No phone call is involved and you don’t have to talk to an adjuster. Just open the app, tap on “Submit an Auto Claim,” and a checklist will guide you through the process. Once you enter your policy number, the rest of the policy information is entered automatically. All you have to do is fill out the accident details: who was driving, which car, where the accident took place, and what damage occurred. You can even take pictures of the damage and submit them—all from your iPhone.

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