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Shape Writer Lite

Shape Writer Lite: This app adds an alternate text entry method to your device. You use Shape Writer’s keyboard to enter text, but instead of tapping on letters, you draw a line on the screen connecting the letters you want to enter. An algorithm inside the app interprets the shape of the line and its location on the screen, and turns it into a word. It is unfortunate that you can only use Shape Writer to enter text into its notepad. However, with OS 3.0 you can cut text from Shape Writer and paste it into other iPhone apps.


Enter the name of your favorite band and the app will create a “radio station” that plays music from the band you selected or from bands that play similar music. And the best part? You never have to listen to a yappy disc jockey again.


One of my favorites, Evernote is available for the iPhone as well as Mac and PC desktops. You can write and save notes on any computer, sync them, and access them anywhere. You can even integrate photos into the notes.

AP Mobile News Network

The Associated Press is where your local newspaper gets most of its news. You can use this free app to read all the latest AP news stories as well as view videos and color photos.

Review: Champion Archer from Pocket Monkey Games



Pocket Monkey Games is home grown gaming at its finest. The artwork may not be the best, and the game play might be lacking in some spots, but there are two things you always know about a game produced by this company. The first is that the game was made with love – these guys have a great passion for the products they turn out. The second is that they are continually improving their products. Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way, I will say that Champion Archer is a good game that has a promising future. There are just a few things that need to be tidied up to turn this from a good game to a great game.


geoDefenseEditors ChoiceThis puzzle action game combines the strategic ebb and flow found in chess with colorful, explosive graphics that reminded me of the classic arcade game, Stargate. Critical Thought’s David Whatley has done an outstanding job combining the game’s devilishly addictive puzzle qualities with 30 levels of fast-action fun. This is one of those games that will keep you up at night until the first rays of the sun appear in the eastern sky—or until your battery dies!


Bejeweled 2

Bejelwed2EditorsChoiceBejeweled 2 on the iPhone and iPod touch is by far the best version of the game PopCap has ever produced. The subtle graphics include an occasional reflective sheen, the smooth glide of the gems, and bolts of crackling electricity obliterating matching gems. The high-fidelity stereo sound of gems being collected and destroyed has to be heard to be believed. Bejeweled is one of the most addictive puzzle games I’ve ever played.

Crazy Machines

Crazy Machines is virtually a remake of the once-popular The Incredible Machine series published by Sierra Entertainment. The concept behind the game is to construct a working, Rube Goldberg-style contraption that will transport a ball from a starting point on the screen to a designated end point using the objects available. The variety of 70 different objects includes billiard balls, boilers, magnifying glasses, candles, and much more.


RealMaze3dRealmaze3D is a first-person dungeon romp through graphically interesting, three-dimensional mazes. The game has five different maze sizes (Tiny to Insane), which become more challenging as you progress. To escape the most extreme maze, you’ll need an excellent memory, and superior spatial orientation. It takes a few minutes to get used to the touch interface. Once you do, you’ll have to figure out the pathways and ladders of the game. Realmaze3D can be a real mind-bender!



WordpopThis addictive, finger-centric word creation game keeps vocabulary hunts going sometimes for hours at a time. The sounds of popping, plopping, and freezing bubbles heighten the thrill of connecting the letter-bubbles to form new words before they completely fill the screen. The fast pace of the game sometimes means that the words you create are more random than clever or educational; but there is enough here to keep lovers of word puzzles engaged for hours.







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