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Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce MobileA trailblazer for hosted enterprise applications, Salesforce.com is also the hands-down leader when it comes to mobilizing business functionality. With Salesforce Mobile installed on your iPhone, you are able to access customer, lead, and opportunity information, as well as log calls, create and update activities, and schedule meetings. Salesforce has also created a very extensible framework that lets organizations create custom objects and workflows to extend their business processes to the iPhone with minimal investment.







RoamBi - Visualizer

RoamBiIf your organization doesn’t have Oracle, but you still want a powerful business intelligence platform, check out RoamBi. The solution consists of a Web-based publisher service that walks you through the process of extracting data from Excel spreadsheets and publishing them in one of four basic templates (pie chart, card list, grid list, and catalog). The Visualizer app allows you to view your reports and charts. The interface is gorgeous and the potential is limited only by how it is used.








Oracle Business Indicators

BusinessIndicatorsOracle first released Business Indicators to allow iPhone users to access business performance data. They quickly followed up with Business Approvals for Managers, Mobile Sales Assistant, Business Approvals for Sales Managers, and Mobile Sales Forecast. This suite of Oracle mobile apps takes advantage of the iPhone’s potential to mobilize information workers by letting them access line-of-business data wherever they are.








Oracle Business Indicator

LogMeIn Ignition

LogMeIn IgnitionIf you don’t have a XenApp infrastructure, you can’t use the Citrix Receiver described above. Fortunately, you can access many of the same capabilities with LogMeIn’s remote desktop access solution. You’ll need to install the LogMeIn software on your home or work PC and LogMeIn Ignition on your iPhone. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to connect to your PC from your iPhone, wherever you are, and access your documents or applications. You need a constant wireless connection for this solution (the faster the better), and you may have to do a lot of scrolling and zooming, but the cost is much less than the Citrix solution.


Citrix Receiver

CitrixReceiverThis powerful app uses your organization’s Citrix XenApp infrastructure to remotely access any Windows application or document from your iPhone. Whether you need to edit a document, approve expenses, or even join a webinar, you can do it all from your iPhone with Citrix Receiver. Of course, you’re limited by the iPhone’s screen size, which means you’ll have to do a lot of zooming and scrolling with some applications. And since the applications are located remotely, you’ll need a 3G connection or Wi-Fi for reasonable performance.


EvernoteHistory tells us that brilliant ideas are sometimes written on a napkin or the back of an envelope. Evernote lets you capture ideas as they happen, sync them to the cloud, and access them from anywhere. With the app installed, you can use your iPhone to create text notes or voice memos, or capture photos and sync them to the Web. You can also access notes and documents stored on your PC or Mac, whether you created them on your iPhone or not.




NominaWhether you’re starting a company or just launching a new Web site, this handy little app can help you make sure the name you’ve chosen isn’t taken. Nomina lets you do domain and trademark searches on the fly. It’s the perfect way to make sure your flash of genius is unique.










Busy Web Product Manager Creates Time for Home Life

(Author’s note: This article is based on a conversation I had with Christian Zambrano, Project Manager of the JACI Group, Inc.)

PalringoChristian Zambrano’s work is never done! He works for a company that has a Midwest office and programming staff in India. Because of time differences, he gets urgent questions sent to him at all hours of the day. His iPhone lets him take the office with him. He can be anywhere and check his two work-related accounts and one personal e-mail account.


SafeWallet Winners


 The SafeWallet Contest is over, and just want to thank SBSH for sponsoring this giveaway and to all the great comments from our readers. Winners, and instructions on getting prizes are posted after the break. I personally use Spb Wallet on my touch (see my review), but that is only because they had PC syncing before SBSH (which SBSH now has also added). It's good to see that people are being serious about their sensative data and protecting it.

Radio client news: Clock Radio at a 66% off; major roundup update

I've just finished posting a major update to my radio client roundup (more precisely, in the second part).

In it, I review two radio applications containing a timer - one, Clock Radio, containing even a very nice and big clock. Incidentally, the latter is at a 66% off this weekend and is offered for $1 only. (Hurry up if you need it.)

I've also elaborated on which radio clients can be put in the bckground on jailbroken devices.


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