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Google's product search helps in comparison shopping

EspnScoreCenterAmazon isn’t the only place to go for product information and price comparisons. Google now offers price comparisons for most products. Just open Google in Safari or use the Google app and do a search on the name of the product that you wish to purchase. Then scroll down the results list until you see the “Shopping results for…” link. (Tip: If Google does not display shopping results, make the search more specific.)

Google now offers shopping results and price comparisons for most products.

Shopping at Amazon.com has become easier

AmazonMobileJust about anything you’d ever need is available on Amazon.com, and they’re working hard to make it easier to shop there. Their iPhone/iPod touch offerings include both the Amazon Mobile app, their iPhone version of the Web site available through Safari, and their Kindle app.

The Amazon Mobile app lets you quickly search for a product, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases on Amazon.com via a simple interface. You can also access Amazon features such as wish lists, payment and shopping options, order history, 1-click settings, and prime membership benefits.

Yahoo’s App gives you news, voice searches, and more

YahooNewsEditor's ChoiceThe Yahoo app is found in the App Store’s News category, most likely because the first two screens in the app display the latest news. However, the app offers much more for the iPhone and iPod touch user.


This app lets you post and read tweets, but its most impressive features lets you see the location of tweets as they happen, on a world map. The map feature is hypnotic and fun, but not very useful in the long run.

Twittervision; (Free; new and casual users);


Like JustUpdate, Twitfire is focused on posting tweets. The app oncorporates a mini-browser for posting links, GPS-button for location tweets, and access to the iPhone camera for posting photos—all wrapped up in a minimalist icon-driven interface.

; (Free; casual and some power users);


This one has everything you'd expect from a full-featured Twitter client, including search with save, trends, an in-line browser, and fully integrated GPS functionality. All of its features are integrated into a polished user interface; a fantastic value.

; ($.99; power users).


There's no location-based functionality or multiple accounts in this one, but it does have trends, re-tweeting, the ability to search for favorites, and more. The default UI has a polished box-style design, but you have the option of changing it to a Tweetie/iChat bubble design. Nice app, but the $4.00 price tag is a bit steep.


($3.99; casual and some power users)


This app has no follower feed, no friends, and no other features: just a text box that lets you post directly to Twitter. It's a simple and efficient way to tell the world about the sandwich you just ate for lunch.

JustUpdate; (Free; new users)


An ultra-simple app with an SMS-influenced design, well suited to the infrequent tweeter. It lacks photo-support, trends, and search capability. There are better apps than this available for free.

; ($.99; new users)


Perfect for people with a penchant for amateur photography, Gyazickr is a simple app that lets you take a photo using the iPhone camera or pick one from the camera roll, add a caption, and twitter it.

Gyazickr; (Free; new and some casual users);

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