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An ultra-simple app with an SMS-influenced design, well suited to the infrequent tweeter. It lacks photo-support, trends, and search capability. There are better apps than this available for free.

; ($.99; new users)


Perfect for people with a penchant for amateur photography, Gyazickr is a simple app that lets you take a photo using the iPhone camera or pick one from the camera roll, add a caption, and twitter it.

Gyazickr; (Free; new and some casual users);

Twittelator Pro

Twittelator Pro

There is only one uber app available at the moment—Twittelator Pro. This app lets you record, edit, and tweet audio and video clips, create drafts and tweet off line, handle multiple Twitter accounts, post maps of your location and find nearby tweeters, conduct and save advanced searches, and much more. There are so many features that it takes a while to learn your way around this app. But power users will get used to it quickly enough.


TweetDeckTweetDeck does not have as many features as Twinkle or LaTwit, but it’s a winner because of its next generation UI and ability to sync with the desktop version of the app. You can create groups in the desktop version and have them show up on the iPhone version. In addition, the UI and sounds on both the iPhone and desktop versions are similar, giving you a sense of continuity and making it easier to switch from one to the other.







LaTwitLaTwit has the features a casual user would want, but the UI is strange. If you like being different, you may appreciate it.










LaTwit; latwit.mac65.com



Twinkle is an old favorite and still a good example of what a casual user would want. It includes a simple UI and the ability to upload images and find local tweeters; it even allows access to Facebook. My only complaint is that you have to have a Tapulus account to use it.











TwitterFonTwitterFon has a few more features than NatsuLion, but it still has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Additional features include the ability to upload images, search on tweets, and display tweets near you. Although you might not consider these basic features, even new users may want to do a little more than read and post basic tweets after a few weeks.








; twitterfon.net


NatsuLionNatsuLion is a simple, basic, and relatively fast Twitter application. It does not have photo upload or GPS location capability, groups, or the ability perform searches—that’s what I like about it! It covers all the basics and has a few nice tricks (like shaking the screen to hide navigation controls, conversation threading, and showing the original messages when writing a reply). It even offers two color schemes: light background for daytime viewing, and dark background for night.







2012 — free game may harbinger future of iPhone games


Or so says a great article on CNet. The free game 2012 is a tie-in to the movie and is fairly simple. But, according to the article, it uses a feature that may never have been tried before. The object of the game is to get to Tibet (digitally, of course). You do so by answering some tough trivia questions. And here's the innovation: you can use "lifelines" like in the TV game show by using your iPhone to call friends for help — directly from within the game.

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