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Penultimate - for drawings



Penultimate is another version of a note app for the iPad and iPhone. The difference in this one is that you write with a stylus or your finger, rather than type. The big plus with this app is the Wrist Protection mode, where you can rest your wrist as you write. This makes for a much better writing experience – no stray marks! I like that.

WeePhone Product Review


With the advent of the next iPhone OS featuring the ability, according to Apple's website to "make a Voice over IP call while playing a game," iPhone-targeted VoIP-enabled SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) clients will receive renewed focus once this new OS ships. In preparation for this event, I have taken a look at one of the more well-received commercially available SIP clients for the current iPhone OS. WeePhone, developed by iPhone programmer Justin Brady. Justin has progressively improved this client application over time - the version reviewed in this article is 1.5.4.

Air Sharing Pro: Time-saver plus!


Getting photos from my iPhone used to be a hassle -- email it to myself, download the generically-named Photo.jpg, save it as something else, then finally edit it and use it. Now, with Air Sharing Pro, transferring photos via Wi-Fi is a drag-and-drop pleasure.

Buyer Beware: A problem with the app store and just touching 'Buy'


There's an app called Mirror that is actually #1 in Lifestyle. It does nothing, essentially, except display a black screen (with fake lightbulbs around it), and users are expected to use it as a mirror. Now, the developer might be in the right, as Apple approved it (while lambasting Adobe Flash for the lack of quality apps it produces).

Since Apple doesn't display the full description, in iTunes, unless you click "More", they say, below the 'fold' that "You will get the same effect you have when the device is off, with a nice frame." But I've noticed that they keep changing the screenshots to somewhat overstate what it can do, and then change them back when the heat is on.

More from Macworld — 10 essential games for iPad


I'm not sure why a game would be an essential app — maybe if you're bored. But this list of 10 top iPad games from Macworld is definitely worth checking out. I couldn't resist buying Pinball HD. I'm not really into gaming, but i spend so much time having to show my iPad off to interested people that I thought this would be a good one to let them see the sort of cool things it can do. 

Saturday afternoon entertainment — silly iPhone app that actually pushes nuts off the table

Some time ago I posted about an iPhone app that can actually blow out a candle. And now the same developer has come out with Magic Mover ($0.99), which pushes things.

Google to create web TV. Yeah right.


I expect innovation, not regurgitation from Google.  While enthusiastic about Google's deal with AdMob finally going through, I'm less than impressed with their new proclamation of partnering with Sony for a Google web TV.  Don't get me wrong, I love Google and Sony, but talk about being late to the party.

Why am I annoyed?  Aside from Google wanting to do things other than what they're really, really good at?

Awesome Game: Land Air Sea Warfare now on iPhone!


You may or may not read or agree with my game reviews, which is okay, but do yourself a favor and check this RTS game out (regardless if you agree with me). App store link is here. It is called Land Air Sea Warfare, by Isotope 244. I will be posting up a full review next week, but I have to say it's predecessor (Machines At War) is probably one of my all-time mobile favs. Stay tuned for my review, and a full press release later from the developer, but I warn you that you will lose hours and hours of time if you play this game...

iWallpapers — free app offers over 15,000 images for iPhone (iPad version also available)


iWallpapers (free) was recently released and offers over 15,000 images for your iPhone or iPod touch. There's also a version for the iPad in the App Store. It includes a range of images arranged in 20 categories. You can earn points by uploading additional images and use these points to upgrade to an ad-free version as well use them for other paid apps.

At the movies: MacGuyver, Karate Kid and more!

As I wrote in a recent blog post (Are you the Ultimate Movie Buff? Prove it!), I am a movie fan.  I'm also an iPhone fan, obviously, so it's nice when the two interests coincide.  There was a time when movie producers had to be convinced to build a website to promote a new movie.  Now, it's all about apps.  Two new movies have done a good job using free apps to drive interest in the corresponding film.

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