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Review: Pro Zombie Soccer by Chillingo


Average zombie games may come and go, and there’s not much you can do with a traditional soccer game.  Combine the two, however, and you have pure iPhone gold.  Pro Zombie Soccer takes zombie wars to a new level with a humorous story, intense soccer kicking action, and an awesome special weapon.  The visuals are wonderful, there are a variety of different zombies to contend with, and the controls are spot on.  Not really a whole lot more you could ask for.

Elgato Releases New HD Video Encoding Software


 Back in May, I reviewed the Elgato Video Capture device (read it here), which is a very easy way to encode and record old VCR tape video on your Mac for iPhone playback.

iPad Case: Defender Series by OtterBox



As you may (or may not) know, OtterBox recently released two new cases for the iPad. These cases are called the Defender and Commuter series. I was excited when I saw the original product announcement and requested to try out the Defender series case. I own the smaller version for my Touch, so it only made sense for me to check this guy out. I was very lucky to get my hands on a review unit. I want to say Thank You very much to OtterBox for giving me this opportunity. I am in the process of using and testing this case out. I will report back with a full review in a week or two with my impressions.

Mix: GPS Stuff


I had entered an online giveaway recently and was fortunate to win a full version of CoPilot Live, North America, along with one years’ worth of Premium Live services. I was pretty excited, but then realized that it will only have limited functionality on my iPod Touch. This gives me an excuse to get a car kit for it though. Since I already own a dedicated car GPS unit, I decided that I would keep my eye out for some super excellent deal that I could not refuse or for a used unit. I am not in a hurry to spend a load of dough yet.

Book Lover - a fun app for readers of all ages



Are you part of a book club or simply like to share what you are reading with others? If so, you’ll want to try the Book Lover app.

Download Meter for Wi-Fi/ 3G/ EDGE/ GPRS -- $1.99 app lets you conveniently track data usage


Download Meter for Wi-Fi/ 3G/ EDGE/ GPRS is a great idea. It lets you conveniently track your data usage -- which is important now that AT&T no longer offers unlimited data. I've never found it that convenient to access my usage on the iPad, and it takes forever to get the info over my Edge connection. This app simply tracks it at the level of your device, so you don't need to long into your AT&T account. It has features such as meters that give you a sense for your usage at a glance. Very useful app, with quite a few good reviews.

A square deal on warranty coverage because 'Stuff Breaks.'


Stuff Breaks.  So says SquareTrade, the folks who offer an extended warranty for your iPhone and iPad, among other devices.  It's true, and perhaps even more so with the abundance of glass on the iPhone 4.  I have always kept my iPhone in a case, because, frankly, I'm clumsy and prone to dropping it.  However, the new iPhone 4 is so slim and elegant that you might want to keep it unveiled. Case or no case, you should check out the SquareTrade offer.  For $99 you get two years of coverage (or you can be billed $5.99/month).  That represents a 20% limited time offer.  You can transfer or cancel at any time and get a prorated rebate.

Review: Maze Runner by 11Apps


I have nothing against simple games – some of my favorite iPhone entertainment has been easy, casual experiences.  I’m really not sure what to make of Maze Runner, though.  Unfortunately, it feels more like an embellished textbook example project than a fully fleshed out game.  The controls are awkward, the different game play modes don’t really add anything to the mix, and the aesthetics are basic and bland.  As a programmer I’d actually be more interested in seeing the behind the scenes of this game than the final results, and I love games.

CNET's 100 favorite iPhone apps


CNET is selecting their 100 favorite iPhone apps in 10 installments. Starting today, each day for the next 10 business days CNET writers and bloggers will take turns identifying their 10 favorite apps. Today's first installment is by Kent German, senior editor at CNET Reviews. The 10 selections are presented in slide-show fashion. Among his favorites is Photoshop.com Mobile, the free photo editing app.

Students Develop Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Real-world experience in collaborative efforts

ACU students develop student newspaper app

Settle down, students! Your assignment this semester is to develop an app for the Apple iPad!

That was the task that faced students at Abilene Christian University in Texas earlier this year—before the iPad had even been released! They had the software development kit from Apple and a rough model of the iPad made of wood, approximating the size of the new platform. Their challenge was to build, test, and submit the app so that it would be available in the App Store when the iPad when on sale—ready, set, code!


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