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New York Times Now Free in iOS App


A new version of the New York Times app for iPhone, called NYT Now (free), was released yesterday. And the big news is that you can now read unlimited articles without having a paid subscription. (Previously, the cost was $7.99 per month.) In addition, the new version highlights the latest news at the top of your news feed, lets you share screen shots of stories with your friends, and includes support for 1Password. You can also subscribe to the Morning Briefing and receive an alert when it's ready. 

Cogito Classic Could Be a Smart Affordable Alternative to the Apple Watch


In the post-Apple Watch world, like it or not, every wearable will be compared to the Apple offering. Fortunately, Apple has left quite a few gaps in their product line, allowing folks like Cogito to compare quite favorably. They offer a pair of watches, one at about $130 and the other at $180. This is about the price of a nice band from Apple!

Tip of the Day: How To Keep Track of Family iDevices


Losing an iDevice is not something any of us plan to do—but it happens. The easiest way to keep track of your device is to turn on the Find My iPhone feature. Hopefully you'll never need it, but if you do, it's a lifesaver! Here are some reasons that you'll want to use Find My iPhone to see the location of your devices and family members:

Review: Notti and Dotti smart lights


Have you ever thought of using a smart light? Witti sent me its Dotti and Notti smart lights to test out, and they provide an interesting iPhone experience, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth to apps that control the units.

Review: BreakingSports app


Sports addict? Live-tweet addict? Don’t have time to spend scrolling through Twitter for live-tweets of your favorite sports games?

Then BreakingSports (free) is for you. It combines notifications from your favorite NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAA Basketball teams from different Twitter accounts, making it a completely unique way to digest sports news. The app also lets you subscribe to different players and receive notifications for injuries, suspensions, lineup changes, roster changes, scores, stats, rumors, trending stories, and headlines. 

Review: SameGrain app


Meeting new people through SameGrain (free), a platonic version of Tinder, is pretty interesting. Users can tell the app what they like to do and the app will provide matches. For those who want to meet people online, this is a good platform to do so.

Apple Watch App Round-Up: DataMan, TripIt, Glimpse, and Batting Average


Many apps have been updated to provide an Apple Watch version since the watch started shipping last week! Here's a roundup of a few apps that have released their Watch version. To download Apple Watch apps, open the Apple Watch app and tap Featured to view and purchase Apple Watch compatible apps. If you have automatic downloads enabled in the Apple Watch app (My Watch > General > Automatic Downloads > Automatically Download Apps), you won't have to do anything else in order to have the app show up on your watch. Otherwise, under My Watch, scroll down to and tap on the app icon and toggle Show App on Apple Watch on.

Tip of the Day: Siri Is Better with Numbers than Your iPhone's Calculator


The utility I use the most on my iPhone is the calculator. I use it often to reconcile my checkbook, calculate discounts in the store, and more. but when I use the iPhone's calculator to add up a list of numbers, it doesn't offer a record of what I input, so I don't know if I made an error tapping numbers in.

Headphones, Headsets, and Earbuds, Oh My: Make it an Even Dozen


There is nothing like the post-Consumer Electronics Show fulfillment of promise, as things that were just demos in January start to ship. I spent the last month reviewing a wide variety of headphones, earbuds, and other audio devices. Here are my thoughts on a dozen ways to bring audio into your life, categorized by type: mono earbuds, stereo earbuds, on-the-ear headphones and over-the-ear headphones.

Wordflex Oxford Dictionary Now Free!


The Wordflex Touch Dictionary (free) is the most beautifully rendered touch-based reference technology you will hold in your hand. I only barely exaggerate how amazing it is to use. The last thing I want to do when researching a topic or looking for word substitutes (like the word "amazing"—I so overuse that word) is have to crack open an actual dictionary or thesaurus. It's both boring and silly in 2015. Why not watch the English language and it's various phylum unfold in graceful symmetry on the iPad screen!? The new version is now available without the need to spend one's shekels to attain it. Witness the beauty after the break!

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