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Hungry? 5 Apps to Find a Restaurant Near You


Whenever you're unsure of where to eat for your next meal, whether it's your typical night on the town or a special occasion, there are apps that can put you on the right path to satisfying your hunger. Here are some of the best apps to find a restaurant near you:

1. Zagat (Free)

How to Find your Way around Beantown

Whether you're a native "Bahston drivah" or a visitor, these apps 
will help you find your way around Boston and other US cities

So, whether you want to "pahk ya cah in Havahd yahd" or find a restaurant that serves good "lobsta," your iPhone or iPod touch and these must-have apps will help you find your way around Boston town (and other US cities).

Magellan Roadmate

$49.99, iPhone/iPod touch: app2.me/3172

RoadmateFinding your way around Beantown means braving I-93 and Storrow Drive. These roads are quite busy most of the time, so the Magellan Roadmate app won't necessarily get you where you're going quickly.


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