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Having been an avid traveler since the days of dial up internet and the original "Rick Steve's - Europe Through the Back Door", I can't help but thank the late Steve Jobs for blessing my life with the iPhone and the incredible mobile app. In my college years I recall trudging through the streets of Seville in search of a pay phone, ten pound travel guide with fold out maps in hand. As my fair skin rapidly morphed from white to red and sweat beaded down my face, I called out to the God's praying for an easier way to travel. Five years later, Apple introduced the iPhone and my prayers were answered.

Taxi Magic

Taxi MagicCategory: Travel; ridecharge.com

Never get caught trying to hail a cab in the rain again! Taxi Magic offers one-click taxi booking in over 25 major cities across the U.S. It will even give you live updates on where your cab is and its estimated time of arrival.

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