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Snake Galaxy

Review: Buganoids by Backflip Studios


This is the perfect example of how to do a freemium game right.  I'm not saying the game itself is perfect, but it is a lot of fun.  And, nothing pops up every five seconds asking you to pay to remove the ads.  In fact, the first time I played the game I thought the ad banner was just the top part of the framework.  I didn't actually realize it contained ads.  If you want to get rid of them you just go into the options, push a button, and confirm that you don't want any more ads.  In fact, this is only the second game I've ever felt compelled to purchase IAP from.  So enough about that, on to the game itself.

Review: The Forgotten Part 4 - Snake Galaxy


First released in the mid-70’s, Snake is a video game that challenges the player to move around the playing area “eating” objects and avoiding the walls and other objects. As the snake “eats” it grows longer and it becomes harder to avoid the obstacles. I was never a fan of this type of game until Snake Galaxy came along, adding 3D graphics to the game and making it more fun.

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