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Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is a MINUS


Hulu Plus is a big disappointment!

Hulu Plus is a horrible app. Don't waste $7.99 a month on it! Even with a subscription, ads are played as often as on broadcast TV. The app crashes constantly and doesn't remember where you were, you have to start at the beginning of your show and watch the commercials all over again.

Hulu Plus lowers price to $7.99 per month -- free one-week trial


Hulu Plus has now officially launched after having been available as a limited trial. And the good news is that they've lowered their price to $7.99 per month for their streaming movies and TV. Also, there's a one-week free trial for new subscribers starting today. This service has one of the larger collections of current TV shows, with much of their content streaming in HD. There are free Hulu Plus apps for both the iPhone and iPad.

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